Escape to Better Foundation focuses on pre-crisis guidance for people experiencing domestic violence and intimate partner abuse.

If you are in danger or need urgent medical attention, please contact your local emergency services for help.

Our Resources

Knowing when, if or how to leave an abusive relationship is complex. You may feel very alone, overwhelmed and unsure. We understand because we have been where you are now. But through lived experience, we also know that making the courageous decision to leave is the first step to transitioning from a victim to a victim-survivor.

To help you gain clarity on what’s right for you and why you should leave, Escape to Better Foundation offers a range of support tools and guidance. Some resources are free of charge while others are offered for a nominal fee.

When you purchase one of our resources, a proportion of the fee is returned to us so we can assist more people.

We’d love to hear from you if these support tools have helped you or someone you know. Please send us your confidential feedback here.

We also welcome your suggestions for additional support tools and guidance so we can include more resources to help you.

If you can, please DONATE so we can continue to assist victims and victim-survivors of domestic violence.

Conversations of Hope

This is a series of short videos where our co-founder, Karen Anderson speaks about her experiences and the lessons she learned when her life partner became abusive. They are honest, powerful and sometimes emotional.

Karen’s abuse began on Christmas Day 2003 and since then she has worked hard to rebuild her life and fill it with joy. This video series is suitable for people:

  • Living in an abusive relationship
  • Recently escaped from an abusive relationship
  • Who want to better understand the challenges victims of domestic violence experience

This video series is offered free of charge.

Planning your Escape

This downloadable Escape Guide is designed to assist victims of domestic violence plan and implement a sustainable escape from intimate partner abuse and domestic violence.

With the benefit of hindsight, our co-founder now recommends victims leave their abuser as fast as they can. But we recognize this is easier said than done. That’s why this Escape Guide suggests you have 4 different escape plans in place.

Why so many?

Because the reality is, you may need to leave urgently or spontaneously so it’s important to have escape options in place.

The Escape Guide is offered free of charge here.

We have another, more detailed escape guide underdevelopment but we need funds to make it a reality.

Please help us make this advanced Escape Guide a reality so we can help more people live a life that’s better, safer and free from abuse.

What’s Important to Me Now

A short, yet powerful online course to help you identify YOUR personal priorities. Designed by professional life coach, Sue Maitland PCC, this course has helped 100’s of people around the world, plan and execute transitions aligned with what matters most to them.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction is the biggest step of your life.

We believe this is especially true when escaping from an abusive relationship and starting to rebuild your life.

We recommend the What’s Important to Me Now course to victims and victim-survivors who would like professional support to achieve a sustainable escape from abuse, based on their life goals and priorities. This online course provides you with a safe and confidential space to think about YOUR wants and needs. The online course usually takes just a couple of hours to complete and by the end, you will have clarity on what matters most to you, with an action plan to get you there.

Included with the course are virtual Mastermind Calls. These live online group sessions will be led by course creator, Sue Maitland, who will share tips, tools and techniques to help you implement the changes you want to make to your life. During each Mastermind Call you’ll have the opportunity to share your successes in a warm and welcoming environment. You’ll also receive support and encouragement from others who, like you, are transitioning into living their best life too!

We also recommend What’s Important to Me Now to anyone who may be feeling a sense of overwhelm and wants to take control of their life but doesn’t know where to start.

Each course includes a money back guarantee (see website for more details) with a portion of all sales given to Escape to Better Foundation.