Life after abuse won’t be perfect.
But it can be better.

At Escape to Better Foundation, our goal is to help victim-survivors of domestic violence plan and implement a sustainable escape from abuse before they are in crisis.

Escape takes many forms and is dependent on each victim’s particular situation. That’s why we provide a variety of online tools, information and guidance. But ultimately, escape means creating a life that’s better, safer and more secure.

We also provide resources for family, friends and workplaces to give them a deeper understanding of victim experiences. Our hope is this will better equip them to support the victim-survivors they know.

Knowledge empowers victim-survivors

We don’t sugar-coat information or hide the challenges victims of domestic violence may face when they decide to leave their abuser. That’s because we believe information and awareness is empowering and gives victim-survivors the ability to make informed decisions. It also helps victim-survivors stay safe.

The tools and resources we provide come from a place of lived experience of domestic violence and can never replace counselling and all the other support services victim-survivors may need. However, we’re a great place to start as victim-survivors begin to consider planning their escape from abuse.

The Escape to Better Foundation, recognises domestic violence takes many forms and includes:

  • Acts of control
  • Fear and intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Financial abuse
  • As well as physical and sexual abuse
  • Emotional and psychological abuse

You will find a variety of online guidance and educational programs here.

Meet Karen

When Karen escaped from an abusive relationship, she was determined the trauma she experienced would never control her life. It wasn’t easy but with hard work and determination, she was able to create a successful, joyous life. In fact, she was so committed to putting her experiences of domestic violence behind her, she rarely spoke about it.

Then one day she realised her experience and her first hand understanding of the challenges victims face when thinking about escape, could help them. From there, it only took a few short months before Escape to Better Foundation began.

Karen is a marketer, multi-award winning copywriter, author and a past victim of domestic violence. She now uses her highly developed communication skills and lived experience to highlight the challenges victim-survivors face.

Karen can be engaged to speak at:

  • Conferences & seminars
  • Community group meetings & events
  • Victim-Survivor events & training
  • Podcasts
  • Political rallies

Learn more about Karen’s speaking topics or contact Karen to discuss your event requirements.